About Us

SGWebTech is a global IT services company with a proven track record of delivering business value through high quality web development and mobile application development services. SGWebTech has consistently met and exceeded the expectations of customers. We offer web applications , mobile applications , desktop applications , game development ,content management systems, E-commerce ,Shoppint cart, ERP , SEO , Web Designing And Logo Designing Using latest technologies. We are into the business that demands for the latest applications built in the latest programming languages. We also build extended and dedicated teams for our customers worldwide.





We conceptualize, design and develop sophisticated e-business solutions that help our clients to be successful and optimize growth. Enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, access to skilled resources gives our clients a cutting edge over their competition.


SGWebTech is a energetic and dynamic offshore software solutions company which combines latest technologies with deep business understanding to deliver high quality business solutions to clients worldwide - We use PHP, Word press, ASP.Net,Ajax programming, Typo3 and Smarty for the Web based Applications. We develop mobile applications using the interface of Android, Blackberry and iOS. We also use the CMS design pattern to develop applications. We also develop intranet applications for the company internal use.

We have developed the software's like Inventory Management for Automobile Industry, Medical Store Management and Food Chain Management. For the Web based application we have developed Matrimonial site, Job Portal Site, Shopping Cart for the handicraft items and the site related to finance that deals for the auto loan functionality. Currently we are working on the Intranet application for the construction industry.


Our company is known because of the employee hard work, their determination, their experience and their intelligence that helps to develop the application with new concepts. Their ideas are always valued which creates the healthy environment in our company. All of our employees work smartly to achieve the goals before deadline. We have always been positive with our clients and had worked with them for a long time.

We are the best service provider in the market, as we provide the high quality software to our clients, meet their deadlines and also provide support after the deliverables. Our company is counted among the best to provide the services at a very nominal rate. We believe in good services and client satisfaction as our major concept is always the client happiness.


  • Retina Ready
  • We think strategically for your business
  • We develop solutions that add maximum value
  • We help in increasing brand visibility through best of the breed web designs and SEO
  • Our services help you in reduce Total Cost of Ownership of your IT portfolio
  • Simplify access to highly skilled resources in building dedicated offshore team
  • You can access round the clock services and support


  • Design for evolution: We realize a software program (desktop/client server/browser/hybrid) is a product which will always remain under construction.We believe success depends on your ability to quickly respond to customer demands and keep evolving as per market demands and your own new found vision.
  • Focus on user - UI is the king Good user interface design can be the difference between a hugely successful website or app and the normal only data show casing website or app.Even if we are developing an application only your company employees will use, smartly designed information architecture and UI will decide how people adopt and use your software.
  • Intelligent by design We realized working with our clients that simply making an app isn't good enough, to succeed you need smart apps. Apps that don't just do their work, but gather important data from various stages that can be used to actionable data that will help you fine tune your product, evolve it based on actual data and make your marketing work. We put this kind of intelligence right in your system, so even if you never though about this angle of your product, count on us to get it delivered. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Faster is better - Speed of development We pride ourselves in developing apps faster. We do it by using reusable component, simple extensible architecture, following carefully thought out development design & coding practices and smaller agile teams.
  • Bigger is better - Scalable design We want apps we design to scale up. We want them to server hundreds and thousands of users. We want them to be multi tenant. We want them to be smart enough to let us roll our new features in a continuous basis without disruption. We want 100% uptime. We want happier users. We want our clients to be seen as reliable providers.
  • Sense of security - Secure by design Application security is complicated aspect of development. Especially in browser based applications.From sanitizing the data, to smart design of user authentication and authorization, to monitoring user activity and taking proactive preventive measures, our checklist to make sure your web app is secure is huge.